[HMM] clan page


Welcome to our [HMM] clan page! Meet most of clubcorruption on our official UT server, [HMM] Home of the HeAvY mEtAl MaNiaCs clan!, 24186177255:7777. Come by and frag our asses! That's what it's all about...

NOTICE: You are leaving corruptionX territory and entering into [HMM]DamieN[HMM] 's section of the site. This kid is nice and all but he can't spell worth shit and he's also a freakin' retard so proceed at your own risk. Again, I did not make this and have nothing to do with what you will see from here on.


Proceed - I'm l33t enough!

Go back - This kid is starting to freak me out




don't worry: You will be greeted by a second warning chamber before being permitted into the ultimateness of the [HMM] clan's page.