Awesome quotes...

Use them. Just give proper credit.

/19/06 - "I guess I'm not antisocial but I cant fucking Jesus ass tits fucking dildo fuck shit stand social gatherings" (meat_apparatus!)

4/27/06 - "My CD-Burner is like a pregnant chick who steps on a fingernail." (meat_apparatus!)

4/20/06 - "If I wanted to have sex with a forest, I'd grow a beard and fu** myself in the chin." (meat_apparatus!)

9/24/05 - "If you wear a hat to your wedding, your kids will grow up to hate you." (Snake)

9/21/05 - "It's always when you think you've got the whole situation under hand and you're in middle of punching this guy's head into a sidewalk, when his "friend" shows up at the side of your face with a wrench" (friend of corruptionX)

7/25/05 - "Flies go down and skirts go up" (meat_apparatus!)

6/28/05 - "well when we said XXX, we actually meant YYY, and since the guys who said XXX are dead now, YYY it is" (corruptionX, talking about the concept of amendments to the constitution.)

6/08/05 - "A secretary files papers. A personal secretary files semen." (meat_apparatus!)

6/07/05 - "I'm in love with myself. I want to marry myself. And have sex with myself a million times --with protection, of course". (meat_apparatus!)

5/29/05 - "Self respect? Cut the bullshit and spread your legs". (GenitalGrinder)

5/22/05 - "How to piss off god Part 3: Arrive with a hat and jacket to the wedding, be Mesameach the chosson and kallah, penetrate the kalla, and leave with only your boxers". (GenitalGrinder)

4/21/05 - "I don't know, play Unreal Tournament 2003". (corruptionX's little brother, when being asked what he'd do all day if there was no Unreal Tournament)

4/16/05 - I think, therefore I Unreal Tournament. (corruptionX)

4/14/05 - FETUS: CTRL + ALT + DEL (meat_apparatus!)

3/22/05 - I wish I had time to volunteer. I'd spend it playing Unreal Tournament. (corruptionX!)

3/10/05 - sometimes we must lower our standards to bullshit to get ahead in a world of bullshit. (GenitalGrinder)

2004 - Swallow your pride, and she will swallow your cum. (expert advice from a friend of mine)


Thilo: (click on the date to be redirected to the article)

3/18/05 - If drunks can manouver their tiny penis into a girl's gaping vagina, you'd think they could steer clear of a giant shiny sedan with four blaring red lights on the back of it.

2/25/05 - Sure there are emotions involved sometimes with sex but that's just codependent garbage that doesn't actually exist.

12/02/03 - If I ever decide to have kids, I'm going to abort them and ask the doctor for a doggy bag. That's the way to go. (click on the damn link and read those last two paragraphs)


DrakeGTA: (click on the date to be redirected to the article)

7/04/05 - "It still pisses me off that I canít drive around without a seatbelt in this great nation of ours, itís my own god dammed life, I should be allowed to risk it if I want."