Making Fun of Asian People ROCKS!

I'm not racist, but I enjoy a good racial stereotype. And No race is stereotyped more easily than orientals. Infact they practically stereotype themselves. From their slanty eyes to their their pushed in faces to their small penises and love for shit fetishes and bukkakes, Oriental people are downright funny.

I dated an oriental girl for a while. She exclusively took it up the ass. Exclusively. When I asked why, she said "Because I'm scared it'll hurt in my pussy." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Not that I minded fucking her ass. Infact, I fucked her ass so many times that anal sex started becoming boring and routine. Only an oriental girl could make anal sex boring. Luckily, her accent started to piss me off too much so I dumped her. "Ooooh OOoooh Me so Horny! Me Ruv you Rong time! I make you flied wice and fishball soup! Fishball!" So long bitch, but thanks for letting me pump your asshole full of cocksnot.

Another time, my friend bought a zippo lighter off a chinese guy. While he was filling it, he accidentally poured lighter fluid all over himself and set his hands on fire. It was classic, and I laughed until I shit myself. Chinese people are fucking funny.

What is the connection between Japanese businessmen and schoolgirls shitting themselves? And Hentai? and Watersports? Does having a small penis make them into more deviant forms of porn? I saw a video once where this Asian chick was filling another asian chick's ass full of live eels. The chick then shat the eels out, and the other one ate one and smiled at the camera. Her chiclet shaped teeth were full of eel guts and shit. it was disgusting (but strangely arousing.) And then there's the hentai phenomena. Animated schoolgirls with dinnerplate sized eyes getting raped by tentacle monsters. The only phenomena funnier is furry porn.

Yes its true, Asians were a race put on earth strictly for my amusement and laughter.

And if you disagree with me, you're a fucking racist.