Yes usually I rant, and don't worry, the rant is comin, but first I have to congratulate this kid, for he is in need of a serious fuckin pat on the back:

According to the site, the pig weighed in at 1051 lbs. The tusks on it are massive. The boy who killed it was 11. Barely into puberty. As a part-time hunter myself (though I hunt unarmed because I just kick that much ass), I have to give this kid my respects for having a mean pair of charleys, even if they ain't dropped yet. That is a massive beast. Feral Hogs actually cause much damage to the environment, because, being an introduced species, they have no natural predators.

And now for the rant section of this post. True to their nature, the animal-rights types, the vegan fascists, and the pussies of the world had a say about it, bitching like they always do whenever anything gets killed. (lets see them wave a sign at a polar bear telling it to stop hunting seals.)

The website ( has a 'negative comments' section full of angry hate mail. Now, this kid is too good-natured to respond to their shit, but I'M NOT.

Here is a choice quote:

"Just my opinion but Personally, I'm really sad you shot that pig. How nice it would have been for it to either live free or be used as a source of scientific discovery. But hey, I'm from California where we tend to think that way. My son is 10 and became a vegetarian on his own at age 5 (his father and I are carnivores). Our son still takes the time to remove even ants from our house so no one will squish them. Interesting how different two American boys can be!
Good job being on the honor roll. Best of luck in the future"

Congratulations, bitch, on raising a total PUSSY. I hope a bear eats him.

Not to be outdone, here is another angry cry for an ass kicking.

"I am writing to voice my concern over the killing of this unusual animal. I am most concerned that an 11 year old believes that killing something so unique is "an accomplishment". I wonder what sort of people raise their children to be proud of killing defenseless animals. Regardless of it's size, animals are no competition for a human using gun and shooting from a safe distance away. This behavior is cowardly- like hitting someone from behind. Instead of feeling proud, this boy should feel ashamed for putting an animal through three hours of suffering for no reason at all. I expect parents to teach children about compassion and appreciation for life. If he had been encouraged to shoot with a camera instead of a gun, people around the world could have benefited from this encounter.

Please post my email in your negative response section. I see that you are strategically posting only the most radical and offensive emails, no doubt to try and demonstrate that anyone against this killing is an extremist."

He called it 'defenseless.' Does that animal look fucking defenseless to you? NO YOU FUCKING IDIOT, IT LOOKS BIG ENOUGH TO SWALLOW THAT FUCKING KID WHOLE.

"what the hell, you fat ass, innocent animal killing, red neck hillbilly you must think your so cool for killing a defenseless pig, then you make it a trophy!? that's disgusting. i don't know which is worse the fact that you shot the innocent creature for three hours strait or that you where smirking in that picture. I wish i could beat that smirk right of your face you dick head. i cant understand why anybody would kill a poor animal. You people disgust me, I hope you rot in hell."

Again, they called it 'Defenseless.' Do they know what a pig even half that size is capable of? Do they know that pigs are omnivorous and will gladly eat human flesh? (As our own local Farmer Pickton demonstrated with his dead-hooker escapabes.) The main thing these environmentalist shit-eaters are forgetting is that feral hogs are an INTRODUCED SPECIES, and they WREAK HAVOC on the environment. Fucking hypocrites. NEXT, We have this gem:

"Its really not your fault, I am thinking as I read all those negative emails coming in. Yes while it is true that you definitely committed an act of terrorism, much
like our president does each day upon arising, Its not you. Its your father and your fathers father and soon. They were probably slave owners way back when and
even earlier on performed acts of terror on the original land owners of America, The Native Americans, who would kill only what they needed to survive. Its a sad, sad thing that has been taught to innocent children like yourself. And to further strengthen this atrocity, I will bet your misguided, mentally ill father cheered you on, and you only wanted to make him
proud, like most children. It makes me think of something I read in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous about the warped lives of blameless children. I will try to start a prayer circle for you to help repair your damaged soul. P.S. There are all sorts of agencies that can help you undo the damage inflicted by the your forefathers, and mothers, most likely. Family and children services, counselors, spiritual centers, guidance counselors, etc. But one thing be warned! Stay away from southern christen counseling. They will most likely brainwash you into thinking you committed a great act of bravery, they too are extremely misguided. See if your Father will join you. There just might be hope for him as well.
You have a long road of reconstruction ahead. But you will be amazed at your new found strength and serenity as you mend
Take Care, and hoping that peace may come your way"

Equating killing a giant pig with Terrorism and Slave ownership. I think I just felt my brain cells dying.

I could quote more stupidity, but it's pissing me off to the point that I want to find a vegetarian and slaughter it for food. Suffice it to say, Jamison Stone is a hell of a hunter with a mean set of (undescended) balls. Bringing down an animal that big with just a .50 caliber revolver takes a large amount of courage. I'm sure those animal rights fart huffers would have creamed their pants at the thought of that kid being eaten by the hog. Hypocrisy is rife with these people, because they ignore the fundamental law of nature, that things kill each other for food. I can't fucking stress how much I hate most vegetarians. It's not that they're meat-hating pussies, its that they can't stand to just relax, 'live and let live,' and keep their philosophy to themselves, no, they have to piss and moan and cry and bitch about everything that gets killed and try to make everyone else adopt their impractical, stupid, and hypocritical lifestyle. Vegetarians fuck me off. They give me diarrhea.

If they want to stop us from eating animals, they should offer themselves as a replacement.