If any of you readers out there are Canadian, and insomniacs like me, I'm sure you've watched the late night lineup on Teletoon, or at least glanced at it. If you have, then I'm sure you've noticed the terrible fucking cartoons they play. Teletoon has been pissing me off royally lately. I remember years back they used to play cool shit, like Duckman, and Ren and Stimpy, and that short called "Lolita Lolita" where the hot chick got naked all the time. Now what do we have? Fucking Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I fucking hate ATHF with a passion. The Characters are all talking fast food products, stuff you'd expect to see littered across a highway. Its like the producer was tripping on acid and the smell of his finger after he scratched his ringhole, and then saw a pile of garbage and started playing with it, and then thought "These would make awesome characters for a cartoon!" He then probably went home and  masturbated to some Anime, or molested his cat.
I know 'Randomness' is cool, but for fucks sakes, this is just pointless. I have no idea how this stupid show manages to stay on the air. Not one of the jokes or gags used is funny, even slightly. Its so loaded with Adult Swim 'in-jokes' and obscure references that only the most obsessive of geeks could even get them. Every single fan  of this show I've ever met has been the same type, the 'random crazy' geek-people.
Usually this person is a fat chick, who tries to come off as 'random' and/or 'crazy', by yelling shit like "MONKEYS!" at random moments to get attention. The kind of person you'd be embarassed to take out to public. The kind that try so hard to be 'quirky' and 'eccentric' and 'funny' but just  come off sounding schitzophrenic. Everyone knows someone like this. These basement dwelling sock-sniffers are the sole reason ATHF is on the air, and I fucking hate them. ATHF blows and by encouraging it Teletoon is slowly ruining the art form known as cartoons. I can't emphasize this point enough, there is NO REASON ATHF should be on the air. It's a mental abortion of an idea right from concept to art to finished product. If you like this show, chances are you're either inbred or retarded.

ATHF Isn't the only fucking atrocity in this category. A new one is 12 OZ Mouse, which looks like a fucking toddler drew it. I am not exaggerating when I say this might be the worst drawn cartoon in history, like the animators didn't even try. Not only is it shittily drawn, it has some of the most stupid and random characters in history, including a giant ugly green rat with stick figure arms and legs and a crudly drawn pair of circles for  a head and body, a square with legs, and a shark that drags itself around on its flippers. Believe me, its even shittier than it sounds. Don't watch it to prove me right. As well as the animation being several levels below 'terrible,' it's even less funny than ATHF, making it possibly the most worthless thing on TV. I don't even think those obsessive geeks I mentioned earlier could find it funny. If a cartoon has shitty stick-figure like drawings, you'd expect them to compensate with some killer humor, but no, this whole project is shit. I can't stress how shitty it is. If I ever meet a fan of this show, I'll be sure to knife them in the crotch a few times, not so much to keep them from reproducing (because anyone who likes this show couldn't possibly get laid to begin with), but just to release some of my exquisite rage.

Both these cartoons are atrocities on the same level as the holocaust, both ugly partners in a gay marriage of SUCKITUDE. There's more I could rip apart, but honestly, I don't fucking want to. I try my best to ignore them until something better comes on, like Family Guy (Youd think they could at least buy some new episodes, the cheap cocks) or Sons of Butcher (which they're cancelling to make room for more HORSESHIT), or Tripping the Rift (which is just funny enough to prevent me from boycotting this station.)

Fuck Teletoon and FUCK ATHF FANS.