So I was reading a wonderful rant site called Kobra's Corner, when I happened to catch him ranting about some famous bigotted whiney media-whore in a suit. The douche in question is Jack Thompson. Apparently, hes an anti-homosexual bigot who bitches about rap music and propagates the myths about 'Violent Video Games' being responsible for violent youth. The whole rant can be found here. and you all better read it because damn if I'm gonna retype/plagiarize this guy's whole rant. It's good though.

Now Kobra tore this dick apart, and even kindly included said douche's email address. Just for a lark, I emailed him some goofy bullshit. This is what I said:

"Just wanted to say, You're an ignorant religious bullshitting child-molester, and I hope you get sodomized with a rusty knife, cocksucker.

That and Suck my balls."

Thinking nothing more would come of this, I sat and chatted to a friend, until lo and behold, at FOUR FUCKING AM, I receive this reply:

"Wow.  Get ready for a subpoena and a criminal prosecution under the new federal law that criminalizes the sending of annoying e-mails anonymously. "

Is this pompous manwhore trying to regulate the internet? Undaunted, I sent him this reply:

"WOW Dipshit, I just sent the stupidest email I could possibly conceive of, just to see if what I heard about you was real. Lo and behold its true, you are a chicken molesting douche. Glad you felt it necessary to waste your time and reply. Enjoy being laughed out of court, cocksucker. (Don't worry, I know your threat was idle.) "

NO ONE could threaten to sue over a silly little email, could they? How could someone possibly take something THAT stupid seriously? I called him a fucking chicken molesting douche for fucks sakes. But then I got THIS email.

"Oh, no. It's not an idle threat.  There is now a federal law against this. Don't send me another email.  You have enough legal problems already right now. "

What do you fuckers think I did? I sent him another one. NEVER dare me to do something like that, especially if you're a shit eating lawyer type with a small cock and a religious bent to compensate with.

"In that case, Suck my cock.

For someone whos email address is 'amendment one,' you sure don't give a fuck about the first amendment do you? "

OWNED, Bitch. This is what he had to say in return.

"Criminal violation #3."

I am so fucking terrified of this dick's powerful lawyers, I decided to write this rant about him. Call it MY FIRST HATE MAIL, Even though I started it. Jack Thompson, you are a fucking quivering vagina. I'm calling your shit out. There isn't a single fucking court in the world that would give two shits about this. Way to rise to my bait, you fucking ass. I win, even the fact that you found my stupid email enough of a reason to threaten me with legal action proves that you're a crybaby pussy. Even if you tried to pull something, there's nothing you can do, the internet is free. I bet that makes your crusty asshole pucker, doesn't it? Nothing pisses these religious types off more than people excercising their freedoms.

STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES, I'll get bored and shit-bomb this asshole again whenever I feel like writing something stupid to make a mindless impotent suit blow a spazz.

I fucking rule.

BTW, his email address is . Drop Sugartits here a line, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you all.