I was talking with some older people who had kids in highschool and elementary school the other day, and it got me thinking about my school experience. I entered school just before the beginning of the whole "ZERO TOLERANCE" craze, kicked around along with other half-assed slogans and shitty buzzwords like "SAFE" and "NURTURING LEARNING ENVIRONMENT." Apparently, what with the columbine bloodbath and other school shootings, its had little effect exept to make the ZERO TOLERANCE camp squawk louder. And what good has come of it?

I remember my school experience well. I was a victim of bullying. Sure I got picked on by other kids, but the real bullying was after I did what came natural and Kicked some Ass. Now I was a little guy, it started in Kindergarten, for some reason, the older kids all the way up to grade 7 always had a problem with me. I'd get ganged up on and have to fight my way out. Sure I'd win most of the time (anyone who says they never lose a fight is full of shit and in dire need of a kidney stabbing), like I said, that was just normal.... but why did the principal need to bring the hammer down on me? This moustached piece of shit would sit there after I'd just beat back 6 fifth graders and spout off this 'Zero Tolerance for Agression' horseshit, while letting them get off scot free. Bullying will never be stopped. But I think we can ALL do without mindless cocksniffing brownnoser school administrators playing favorites. I can remember this douche saying too "They get away with it because they wait till no one's looking!" admitting he's letting them get away with it because he thought they were slicker? Nice move, you llama fucker

So I'd like to pause here for a moment, and send a formal FUCK YOU IN THE ASS WITH A RUSTY CHAINSAW To Principal Jim McGowan, former principal of Cedar Grove Elementary, Gibsons, BC, Canada, just for old time's sake.

My point is, this Zero Tolerance policy obviously didn't cover bullying, just people doing the natural thing and stickin up for themselves in a hard world full of cretacious fuckstains and lumbering mouth-breathers who think they're some cool shit. What about Drug-related Zero Tolerance policies?

Well when I went to highschool, I went to alternate schools from there. Around then I became a pothead. My grades jumped. A little bit of dope seemed to slow my mind down enough to work stuff out. Of course "ZERO TOLERANCE" reared its ugly head again. Zero tolerance for pot? I wasn't a social smoker. I wasn't disrupting anyone else's study time, just smoking it by myself and then going to class to study hard. of course, Here's another time they had to slam down the zero tolerance policy. I was luckier this time though, the teacher I had was really smart (for a change,) she noticed I studied better so eventually she started just pretending she didn't see it. I wonder, if they were taking the ZERO TOLERANCE policies so seriously, why weren't they confiscating all the ritalin and migraine pills these kids were trading around?

Now what's my point with these two stories? Zero Tolerance policies are BULLSHIT. Society for too long has been trying to impose these one-size-fits-all dictations on everyone and its getting ridiculous. Look at the school systems now. They're like police states. Locker-searches, drug sniffing dogs, barbed wire....

Hey Administrators, how about you just skip the bullshit and start branding the children on the forearm with a numbered tattoo? You could herd them around from class to class with burly skinheads and sick trained german shepherds on them too! Everyone loves dogs right?

You can't impose these kind of strict blanket policies on society without creating a mini-dictatorship. People aren't like livestock, no matter how stupid they may be. Drugs aren't all bad for all people, and You'll never get rid of bullying, especially by punishing the guys who at least have the balls to do it on the spot instead of the guys who start shit and then weasel their way out of it. If they want to get rid of bullying, teach kids to defend themselves, and if they want to get rid of drugs, Start with the fucking ritalin.