There is no bright side, EVER.

For all you dipshits who don't know who the fuck I am, my name is GenitalGrinder. No further explanation is needed. Although I do need your genitals to grind, but we'll get to that later, After I inject AIDS into your bloodstream with my protein rifle.

What is with cockmasters these days always looking at the bright side? Back in the day dipshits went to school regularly. Not like today where you have more dropouts than grauduates. Anyway, if you couldn't do it, you ate toilet paper all your life. No GED bullshit. That's like promoting dropouts and since the majority of the world is failures, even the winners lose. What crock. I'll say this only once. THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE. If you watch a movie, there will always be credits and other shit you don't want to see. If the sun is shining, you might get skin cancer as well as bird shit on your head. If you're about to get laid, you might choke and trip on your own semen and ruin the evening. See? Nothing ever works out. Unless you call scraping cum stains off your underwear a bright side, I fail to see it. Oh and by the way, chances are you live with your mom and I know you look forward to her doing your laundry.

Anyway, I was once driving with my girlfriend (Ha, just kidding. I meant Bitch) and the cops stopped me and gave me a 100 dollar ticket for no seatbelt. The dinosaur opened her mouth and queefed "Hey, imagine you crashed and you had to pay thousands in medical bills!? LOL!". The ambulance arrived momentarily. For Her. And you can be sure I ain't payin those medical bills. That whore.

Like the other time I was in a restauraunt with someone and the food was shitty. I complained like a whiny bitch and was in no mood for bullshit. The dude says "well hey, you spent time with me, isn't that worth it?" Next thing I know I was eating the leftovers of my friend. At times of misery and anguish, no one's in the mood to hear about your shitty
bright side. Go fuck some rainbows and old people in your own Garden of eden. I'm living the shitty life without the bright sides, and it's bullshit free. Life's a bitch, only the strong survive.


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