To all dipshits that "will" accuse me of plagiarism:

Here's what I have to say to you. Step 1: Grab your head. Step 2: Twist it backwards until it reaches the entrance to your ass. Step 3: Shove. Step 4: Repeat until your body becomes your hat. I'm sick of fucks always telling me I copy maddox. Although he is worthy of being copied, I am not doing so. This may be a maddox rip off, but it doesn't have maddox articles on it.

I know this sounds fucked up, but there are actual people out there that everytime they read a rant, they google it to see if it's plagiarized or not. Maybe they need a girlfriend or something. Maybe some Balls. Can't help you there. When I write a rant or a rave, I use my balls as well as my brains to put out sentences, metaphors, etc. I don't use copy and paste from other sites because that's low. But Nevertheless, some of you will google any rant of mine and then say it's plagiarized. You know what? Maybe I had an idea to rant about that some unknown person out there thought about also and wrote it first. I sure as hell ain't checking. My dick types too fast.

I bet every word and sentence that comes out of your mouth has been said before. Do we stop talking? No. Same here, chances are my comparisons and metaphors and statements are at least 80% different than the person who had the same idea. I don't have time for this shit.


Back to how much I rule...