TV shows that need repair.

I haven't watched TV in a while because it's only reality shows all the time. So I decided once I'm going reality, I'll face the real thing and I turned off the TV. So far it sucks. But the couple of shows left that aren't reruns need some serious medication.

Gilmore Girls: The first time it aired, I thought it would be about lesbians. At the very least, maybe it would be about 2 sisters that did something stupid so I could laugh. I was heartbroken to find out that it was just about a mother and daughter who happen to be about the same age, so they feel safe enough to call it Gilmore "girls". The show sucks ball grease. It wouldn't be so bad if the show actually had a plot. Well, it does have one, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the mother had a kid by the age of 3. Eye Pollution.

7th Heaven: Every year I wait in anguish to when this atrocity will be taken off the air. How many seasons of the same shit do we have to live through? We get the fucking idea. The parents were boycotting condoms, had a shitload of kids that they can't control. Serves them right, condoms rule. These aren't your average kids, each one loses their virginity at an earlier age than the sibling before them. Eventually it reaches the point that they lose it before they can even get it. Why not change the name to virginitylosers? 7th heaven only describes how I'll be feeling when the show is cancelled. The father in the show is a priest, the irony blows me away. And the mother well, I'll be on the safe side and call her a bitch.

Everwood: It's 2 years old, and I can honestly say both years reeked. It's about a boy who meets a girl...Yup, this show isn't any different than the rest. Boredom. I don't even watch this one, I'm only describing what every commercial looks like. I'll even bet the guy is insecure, the girl is shy, and they meet by "accident". It's all downhill from there. My disappointment here is that all the money used to fund that show could've paid for my college. Instead it's being used to support an eye damage campaign.

Charmed: Witches or Bitches? You decide. Never before have I seen a witch wearing a tank top and tight jeans.

Is it just me or are all these shows from the WB? Other channels at least have good re-runs and occasional hit comedies, but WB tries to be cool by making up all their own "hip" shows with kissy teenagers to show they're with the flow on what society is like today. They're pretty much on target, but I see that shit all day in real life, so it's the last thing I wanna see when I turn the TV on. If you really desire to see this stuff, at least be a man and get the real thing. Good old Porno. On TV you don't see anything anyway.


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