Since when does a feeding pube make world headlines? I mean tube.

For those of you that don't know who Terry Schiavo is, I envy you. She's some half dead bitch (now fully dead) that suddenly makes world headlines because her chunky son of a bitch husband didn't want to feed her anymore. Who cares? The supreme court sure didn't, and neither did any other court for that matter. That's why she's dead. We couldn't even ask her for her own opinion because she was a bit psychotic. Oh well, one less human. Her parents just wouldn't stop moping, face it she wasn't getting any better.

Her husband continues to be a real badass, he doesn't even want her buried. The war never ends. Obviously the court isn't going to want to listen to this waste of time either, so we're going to find a Cremated Terry scattered all over Bloomingdales. If not, some dipshit will worship the jar forever.

I just don't understand why they wanted to pull out a stupid feeding tube. That takes too fucking long. Just inject her with cyanide or something else lethal. Or put urine in her IV. Instead, we'd rather watch her drool all over the place and barf up half eaten insides for a whole week? Not to mention what her shit might look like after a few days. I bet it was just a publicity stunt. The hospital wanted money and they got a lot of publicity by always being on TV. Little did they know that they just showed the world that we kill people at our hospital. Not that it's a bad thing, but they'll only be treating suicidals in the future.

You know why the story SEEMS tragic when really it isn't? Because no one gives you the background information. The bitch was lying around for 15 years and not exactly putting out any, so it's not hard to see why the dude wanted her tossed. He needed to get laid. Sex makes people do crazy things, especially kill people. Who wouldn't kill for sex? I know I would, but not for you. She died right before April fools, yet the message wasn't clear enough. Roast in peace.


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