Outer Space exploration varies inversely with World Hunger.

How could the president or any other politician bitch that the economy is on the verge of poverty, when at the same time they're spending billions a year on NASA? I have a bright idea. Why not cut down on that shit and use the money for the people living here? Then they blow the rest of the money on fighting terrorism, yet the master terrorists are probably living among us for all we know. Great going.

Every year the lists of global problems go up. World hunger, Ozone depletion, Global Warming, Overpopulation, Limited natural resources, it goes on. What do they tell us to do? Recycle plastic bottles in the blue can, and paper in the green can. Thousands of starving people in China now have steak on the table because I recycled my bottles. Bullshit. That's the last time I ever recycled. No matter what way you look at it, politics fucked up, again.

They can't say they don't have money, it's obvious that they do. Martians haven't contacted us till now, and they don't plan to. And if they did, would we be fucking interested? No, I'd rather watch movies of aliens getting killed. What do they plan to do with foreign creatures anyway if they found any, rape them? We have AIDS here too. It just comes to show that you only invest in what you care about. Those little asian kids with small penises and no dinner don't concern anyone. Not even a lady without a feeding tube. What does? Rocks and dirt as Thilo puts it. He's right, as usual. There's nothing there that we don't have here.

Earth is fucked up pretty badly with all these global problems. If we couldn't take care of ourselves, why try to fuck up the other 8 planets? They're doing fine without us. And we SHOULD be doing fine without them. Look what happens when you put humans in charge of something. They fuck it up. Consider space exploration stealing. The minute we step on their planet, we'll just ruin it for them.

The thought of green shit doing intercourse all over the place freaks me out. That's all they'd be doing there, yet it's illegal here. Why the interest? Call it jealousy. Man on the moon just isn't as exciting as man taking shit on the moon.

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