I found a new word for whore, it's called "Madonna".

What the hell is up with this bitch? No matter what name she calls herself or what she now wears, she is not fucking Jewish. She spent all her years spreading her legs on stage in the ugliest outfits possible singing shitty music, and now when her body starts deteriorating she starts to wear long skirts and study "Kabbala" and become a "spiritual individual". That would only make sense if she did it in her prime years. But when your legs start to look like wrinkly shit, of course it's time to start wearing long skirts. Just one question. What makes her think she can study kabbala when the most distinguished rabbis didn't, and the common jew today doesn't touch it in his lifetime? Is she better than us? Does spreading your legs increase the level of deepness you can understand? Hell no. The only answer is, she didn't wanna die a whore AND ugly, so she's conning people into thinking she's something more than saggy tits and wasted ass.

If she didn't warp enough children in her lifetime including her own, she decides to queef out a childrens book. Wow, more money for her. All you have to do is write random bullshit and illustrate crappy photos of bible characters taking a shit, then put the name Madonna on the front cover, and you sell big. Look out Barnes and Noble. She wanted to increase the knowledge of Christian children of their heritage and make bedtime stories a living hell around the world. One day she's promoting Christianity, the next day Judaism. Make up your mind, bitch.

It's very ironic that she calls herself Madonna. It's supposed to mean "Mother of christ". The only mother she is, is the one for prostitution. The minute she decides to fake Judaism, she ditches the name. Jesus will be spinning in his grave. The bitch ditched him. Why do people actually give a damn about her anyway? She's not hot now, and wasn't hot then. How could someone have KIDS, and still get respect? She managed. But anyone respecting her isn't someone I would respect and that's what counts.

Take yourself and that stupid fake name Esther along with all your Kabbala books and go to hell. You're not fooling anyone. Any rabbi that supposedly says he converted you can eat shit because you just paid him a shitload under the table to do it because any normal rabbi would never permit the ceremony. People like you were "destined" to go to hell and we'd never want to give you a chance for heaven.

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