Warning: Might contain extremely offensive material about Russians:

Just kidding, it DOES contain extremely offensive material about Russians. The couple of lines that I'm pissing away my time right now for are because of my extreme rage. Since the law doesn't allow me to frag some of those shits, (Notice I said some, I don't need morons telling me I'm discriminating against a whole group) I must let it out here if I know what's good for me. Here's some incidents I had with various Russians that put my dick through the meat cleaver.

This happened on April 5th. I was at the boardwalk minding my own business when I was overcome by a tsunami of shit overflowing up my ass right in to the intestines. Must've been the leftovers of some guy I ate after I beat him at Unreal Tournament. I felt like someone fragged me off a building. I immediately ran around like a maniac trying to find some sort of toilet that could sustain me. I finally found a disgusting public bathroom that smelled like old urine. I dove inside one of those gross stalls and let the cheeks do it's thing. Know what happened? Some old thick mustached Russian shoves the door open and says "Are you taking a 'sheet' my friend?" Well, let's see. The stall was locked, you can hear my moans from a mile away, and any visioned human being could see my legs dangling from the bottom of the stall. Thanks a lot asshole for interrupting my shit. I ended up vomitting extra body parts just from looking at him. When a man is sitting and doing his business, it's not a time to socialize. And neither do I want my pecker being gawked at by random people.

This happened on April 16. I was carrying boxes for someone because I'm such a nice guy. Some Russian was walking his mutt right where I was walking. The dog let loose and crapped all over the place. I yelled "Man, that's disgusting." I was talking about the Russian though. He didn't know that and yelled "No! You're disgusting!!". Let's say I said the dog was disgusting. Why would he then tell me I'm the one that's disgusting? It's his dog that's shitting us a new sewer. What a moron. Maybe it's because he's full of it and feels the need to defend it. Call me a prosecuter, or rather a human with a brain.

There's no other specific days I remember. Everyday has it's own story. Old Russians are the people that walk all day trying to find ways to get me irritated.

On the citybus they hump me and take my seat. At the library they hog all the books. At the parks...they're just there. Chess chess chess. These people have no fucking lives! How do they live without jobs? How do they make more of them if the females look like cows? You know those websites that ask you to donate a dollar for something? Please, do me a favor. Abort a Russian. Ruin some kid's shit. Don't pay any taxes that might support a russian. Buy out all the chess sets at the toy store. They'll go insane.

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