Examples of what not to wear when you're fat and repugnant.

Why is it that chicks the size of trucks suddenly feel they have a license to wear tight clothing? That license expired when the clothes were first created. It was meant for the more "slimmer" crowd as well as sizzling. If you don't meet the standards, get your chunky ass to the husky section and choose loose farmer john shit. That wasn't degrading, it was advice. I'm only trying to make your fat situation less noticeable, and easier on my eyes.

Seriously, is there ANYTHING worse than huge black girls wearing tight faded jeans and a busting tank? It's fucking heinous. Those are the kind of pigs you see behind the counter at a cafe wearing shitloads of makeup, ugly tights, and high heel shoes. They lean over the counter and say "Can I get you anything hun?". You look away because your stomache feels rumbly. They've just lost your business for all eternity. Then while you're vomitting over your newspaper, a sudden shadow casts darkness over the room. You think a cloud covered the sun, but you realize it's just her ass blocking the entire window. Yuck.

Get the fucking picture already? It's not hot. I've even been noticing girls starting at the age of 5 wearing tight denim with tanks. Who are they trying to impress? Why start this mode of dress before you even have something that can resemble tits? Boys don't even look at girls until they get some hair where they need it. After that the penis gets a mind of it's own and he's no longer in control, but that's at like 13.

Stop wearing tight shit unless you have something good to offer. My eyes tear in pain when I see a seven year old flat ass expecting to me to look at her. I've seen pancakes that come in bigger sizes, forget your stupid backporch. I don't even want to mention what her upper front porch looked like. I'll say this much. My microscope from chem class wouldn't be able to dig her a pair out. Get back to me when you have a body. Wear shit.

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