You know you're in big trouble when your tits are bigger than your girlfriend's.

I was once talking to this guy at a gym about his taste in females. This guy is built like an ox and his tits were at least a C. I asked him how can he possibly find a girl in Brooklyn when his tits are excessively larger than the female population here around us. He had that sad expression on his face as he answered "We can only try". I felt bad for him.

Seriously is there anything worse than finally hitting the sac with your fuck buddy only realizing you're going to have to skip 2nd base? You make your way up only to find out you have to steal a base for a triple. Is it really considered a triple if you never made it to second? Even if your shy and you didn't want to make it this far, you automatically have to because otherwise you don't know she's a female. It's like sticking your penis into a solid wall. Would you do it? Not if you want to keep it. As the guy from the worst page in the universe put it, titless women are a 3rd race.

Put it this way. A women's job is to come down here and supply. If you don't have supplies, then what the fuck are you doing here? That's my air you're breathing bitch, and it comes with a price; tits. If you don't have a pair, leave. People always argue with me and tell me I'm being mean. I know. But what is the other option? The thought of these girls actually getting jobs and making something of themselves makes me laugh. Who'd give them that chance? Not me. They don't deserve it. Or rather, God didn't think you deserved it either.

My favorite argument can be said in two words: Self Respect. I once tried getting with this chick and her response was: "I'm not one of those girls who expose themselves to anyone. I have self respect". I spat in her face and said "I didn't need to hear that bullshit. Just say you're embarrassed about those A's and I'll get off your back and jerk off to my science book." At least the science book might have remedies for this shit. I'm afraid to break it to you, but the self-respect excuse is WEAK. If you're not putting out, it's not because you have self-respect. It's because you have nothing to put out. Go away.


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