You smell like shit, use VagiClean.

Why do so many girls have trouble keeping that area clean and unscented? It's almost as if girls empty entire Sanitation department trucks into their fuckholes and then scrub it in with the leftover juice. Have you ever heard of hygiene? Shit smell is a turnoff. Imagine the humiliation of the guy when he's finally scoring and all of a sudden his penis shrivels into a crumbled piece of old sausage just because you couldn't flush wastes out of your front exit. Quit torturing us, we never did anything to you besides let you suck our wiggly cocks. Show some respect, or gratitude.

Is it really that hard to keep a vagina clean? Ok, I know it's internal, but you know what? My ass is also internal and you aren't going to find shit remnants in there. You know why? Because I wipe it when I'm done with it. Try it some time.

I once had a friend who had a bad experience eating out a girl whose pussy smelled something close to what your hand smells like after washing your dog. Now he's gay and never gets out of bed. He just stares lifelessly at the ceiling begging to die already. I guess it was pretty bad. I tried to calm him down and talk to him, but just seeing the look on his face made me consider being gay myself. I'd rather not be gay and just make sure she's clean before I indulge. Look, there's responsibility in sex for both members. The guy has to make sure he's got his rubber, and the girl has to make sure she doesn't smell. Is it that hard? It seems lile they shower so much anyway. It's hard to believe they miss the same spot everytime. What are you still reading this for? Wash your cunt, bitch.


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