Fuck this country and all it stands for.

I just took a regent on U.S History and government. I killed my fragile brain cells to learn lots of bullshit about America and it's past. Part of it was learning about the constitution and the bill of rights. After what happened to me tonite, I can easily take those documents and use it to clean my girlfriends soggy greasy vagina. Civil rights my ass. Here's proof that all the ammendments made by our founding fathers have gone straight up a cows wrinkled testicle.

I was riding my bike with a friend slowly at about 10:30 tonite. A police van full of bored black fucks stops and asks for ID. Since I'm underage and I have none, I didn't give any. My friend had ID and they swiped it up their black ass. They drained all personal info from me, wrote us a criminal pink slip for the heinous crime of riding your bike on the sidewalk. Wow, is wearing a helmet also a crime? Go figure out a black mind. I asked what the crime was, and he said you're not allowed to ride your bike on the sidewalk. I suppose in middle of a crowded highway would be a better choice. I learned some interesting facts about government today. They were very controversial to what I learned in class this year.

1) Black cops have permission to take revenge on white people for their years of slavery. Look what happens when you give these fucks rights. They use it against us.

2) "Fair warnings" no longer exist. You get a pink slip for the slightest offenses on the first time without knowing what you did wrong.

3) Laws can be made up on the spot and elaborated into complete bullshit as you go along until you're not even sure what the offense is.

4) The right to a lawyer and fair hearing will not exist according to my friend when you get to that court house. They basically tell you to eat shit and pay.

5) America's promise of "Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" ends when you get blacks on the police force. After that it's "Death, Persecution, and pursuit of bullshit".

Goddamn America and all it stands for. A country ran by total bullshit.

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