Holy shit, another post to cement your stupid vaginas closed.

I'm extremely apologetic to all those who have been slaughtering random vaginas and gagging feminist mouths closed in the past few weeks. The reason I'm apologizing to those individuals is because they already see the light and therefore have no reason to read this article. It's only going to tell you what you already know.

I've already ranted a couple of times about flat girls, self-respecting-not-putting-out girls, and basically anything to do with girls besides me using them as a mattress. It's just that I've been so pissed off in the past couple of weeks that I've come up with even more material to spew about them. I believe it will be entertaining to you, or rather it'll help you change around some aspects of your life. Ok, here goes.

Everytime I ever found a girl I might like, the same shit happens. She claims she respects herself and can't put out for me. I repeatingly comment on this common flaw, but to no avail. I think my explanation is so logical that only an inferior gender can't comprehend it. It's called girls. The explanation goes like this: "What do you mean you respect yourself? How could you respect yourself if you never get laid? Wouldn't that make you feel like shit?. No one seems to respect that because normal people get laid. Even terrorists get laid, but with the wrong species, but that's still more than what you're getting. Screw you." At that point I expect the girl to drop her pants. How come that never happens?

Here's another point. Are you such a low worthless piece of penis juice that you need to actually respect yourself? I'm no Einstein, but I still try to earn respect from others first. This site for instance, has gotten me some respect from a few people who have emailed me saying how I'm funny and cool. That's earned respect. Anyone can just throw in the towel, close their legs, and say I respect myself. For what bitch? Nothing.

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