The worst kinds of people on planet earth.

Everyone in their life has people that really piss them off. The kind that you just stare at and wonder why you're not blowing their heads off or shoving their penis into some boiling acid. Then you remember what happens to you for doing that, so you just sit there all miserable and full of hatred. It's a real shitty world.

One of my worst kinds of people are the ones that get insulted for other people. My friend once made fun of black people because they are black. Next thing you know, our WHITE friend starts getting all insulted and wimpy ass because he had a friend who is black. Aww how sweet. Do you take it up the ass together? We didn't insult you, quit bitching. How the fuck can you get offended for someone else? It's enough that the person himself gets offended, we don't need any more. Another time I told some chick that the author of Harry Potter looks like a crackpot (--Jeremiah). I clearly said the books might be good, but she still looks like she isn't getting any shmeckle. Next thing I know, she quit talking to me because I'm "mean". Never mind this site with about 30 articles from me which doesn't exactly ask you to give charity or volunteer at the orphanage. There's some pretty fucked up "mean" shit here. Yet she found all that funny, until I insulted an author who doesn't give two shits about her. So why does she give two shits back? If she really cared so much about J.K. Rowling, she'd get a sex change and give the bitch what she's missing.

There's another kind of person I hate. Everyone has this kind around them somewhere in life. There's a person in your work/school who thinks you like them, but you don't. Maybe it's because he smells like shit, or maybe it's because you simply don't want him around because he's so fucking annoying, either way you're stuck with him. If you have somewhat of a decent heart, you'll just throw him constant hints telling him you want him to go away. If he has half a brain, he will take the hints and fuck off. If not, you have a big problem. Currently, I'm in such a situation. This guy carries around a toolbox, wears a briefcase with nothing in it, has pocket protectors, and has the attitude like he's all that and he has friends. He needs to be castrated.

Anyway, enough bullshit from me. It's time for me to go to my shitty job where I watch 17 kids at a camp. I serve lunch, watch them swim, play sports, and take LOTS of shit from them. Yes, good old GenitalGrinder is being butt raped by 17 punk ass children and is too sore to wipe his own ass at the end of the day. Fuck.


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