Getting play from a girl is like playing Russian Roulette.

Allow me to explain this profound statement. Russian Roulette is when you hold up a revolver to your head and open fire hoping the one bullet you put in isn't the one you just shot into your skull. Yeah, you're not always so lucky, but who cares? You're dead.

In this sexually diseased country, 1 out of every 3 girls has some sort of gonad dysfunction. They may be fully intact, but yours won't be when you're done with her. I find this totally unfair. If I'm horny and wanna corner the market, I should be able to make my selections without fear of having my penis fall off and float around in my shit while I flush it the next morning. That's not what America is all about. It promises life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. No one's happy when his dick falls off. Because that causes him to lose his ability to pursue life and liberty. Get my drift? I'm asking all AIDS and herpes infested women to pack their shit and leave my country. The borders shouldn't be open to people with DISEASE. It's a simple reasonable fact, it might spread to people who don't deserve it. Even if they do, we still want to keep it among the Asian, Hispanic, and black communities. Any white girl with AIDS means one thing, you're not her first.

It's so frustrating. Every time I'm about to hit a homer, I fear what's going to happen because of it. If I get head, I can get herpes. If I have sex, I'll get AIDS. Don't give me that condom bullshit. Wouldn't it be better if I can just pull out? That way the feeling isn't minimized AND you don't create any new shit that might look like you. Everyone wins. But for some reason we can't live like that anymore.


Back to how much I rule...