For god's sake, DON'T tell me jokes while I'm taking a piss.

Sorry for not updating my shit for a while, but my mind had officially gone blank for a month and it took a couple of blowjobs to get the jizz flowing to my brain again. It's a weird feeling but it brings out the best in me.

The other day I took a trip to the lavatory to empty out my enormous bladder. I felt like I was going to explode. I had drank 2 liters of soda and my teacher apparently enjoyed watching me squirm in my seat frantically trying to expand the room in my bladder to hold more piss. I was doing a pretty bad job. I finally got excused and made it to the URINALS (Being a guy kicks ass) in record time. My fly went down and I was pissing in weird angles and patterns enjoying myself immensely. So what happens? This guy comes in and starts telling me jokes. I'm like "DUDE, CAN YOU FUCKING WAIT?" Imagine peeing and bursting out with laughter at the same time. Your penis flops off and your balls can be found on the other side of the wall. Not to mention the heat of your piss which fries your Urethra into French Fries. It was fucking painful. I was struggling to hold my urine in one place, while trying to keep my dick from becoming the new floor.

Some people seriously have no logic. The gland in your gonads is effected by the motion of laughter. It hurts. Stop. I can hear jokes all day but the one time you choose to be comical, it must be while I'm releasing my toxins into your drinking water. I mean toilet.

You might be wondering how I could let him get away with that. I didn't. I waited until it was his turn to take a piss. Then I creeped up behind him and sounded a blow horn in his ear. His reaction occurred in 2 steps. First, his hands lost control and his pants dropped. Then he fell forward ramming his massive boner into the concrete wall. Then for added fun I kicked him in the ass and he fell backwards right onto where some black guy was shitting. I had class so I couldn't stay for the show, it will be left to all our imaginations. I wonder if he still has a penis.


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