Notorious phrases that should be butt-raped to hell.

Ever been sucker-punched with that ball gagging phrase "It's not about winning or losing". What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Were you ever rewarded for losing? Did you come home and have a steak dinner that night after you lost your parent's credit card in Atlantic City? Did they comfort you and say that everything will be okay? Hell no. They probably beat the shit out of you and left you to die, if you were lucky. If you lose a game of Unreal Tournament, you're not satisfied until you get back in the game and frag all those mother fuckers who pissed you off. That's how it works. You can be the the best player on earth, but if I beat you, you're my bitch. Simple.

How about that cunt plastering saying "There's a time and place for everything"? Oh yeah? What about that poor skank with genital herpes? I don't see her getting laid anytime soon and that place probably will never exist. Unless it's the last hour of planet earth and I find some empty cave, 60 condoms, a blindfold, and Unreal Tournament happens to not be working, her future doesn't look too bright.

"Early to bed, early to rise...some bullshit that finishes that sentence off that I forgot". The problem with that sentence is that they've mistaken late for early. All they have to do is change two words and I'll have that quote coming out of my ass. Fix that shit.

"Greed will imprison us all". Oh really? What about going to work and school? That's imprisoning us as well. So If I could be a greedy bastard and have money without going to those two places, I'll be a happy son of a bitch.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Keep eating those apples and avoiding those annual well-checkups and I'll be at your funeral with more apples. Dumbass.

"Let's not and say we did". Let's say you have to do a term paper for school. Coming to class without it and saying you did it won't really help your situation. Your teacher will stare at you like a dumbass and say "Yeah well, where the fuck is your paper? F". If you don't want to do something, don't do it. It doesn't make you any less of a Cuntwad by saying you did something if you didn't.

Don't you hate those people who talk like "Puhh-leeez gurrrrl"? Why can't they talk normal? It's a turn-off. They try to make it sound like they have this tough ass girl attitude and we should respect them. Why? You sound like an idiot. Let me go home and jerk off instead. You usually see those types of girls at the movie theater, mall, school, hell, etc. Try shutting the fuck up and maybe I'll buy you a tampon you bloody sac of estrogen shit.


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