Why the fuck does every website have to have forums?

This issue has been piercing my nuts little by little over time. At first, it didn't bother me too much. But then I realized just about every website is adding forums day by day. What for? No one has any useful shit to say. That's why they don't have their own website or work in journalism. Drake ( drakeGTA.com), Thilo (thilo.tk), and Jeremiah (yourapathy.net), take down those fucking forums. If I missed a ranter with a forum, you too. You've ruined greatness. All that good shit you write is now raped with useless crap. Instead of using your time to write more rants, you now have to take out the trash.

Here's what happens when I go to a website. I scroll through the boring shit. I find something interesting. I start to respect the webmaster. Then on the bottom, I see a small link to forums. I click it and see 1000 different forums with catch phrases like "Bullshit only", "I jerked off last night", "My period is 2 days late LOL", and "Talk about why you can't get it up". Am I the only one not interested? Or do I have other things to do rather than post on forums all day? And I could get it up, so yeah it's really useless.

Some people seriously just sit in front of the computer the entire day with 50 links open to different forums. They refresh every 3 seconds because otherwise they aren't loyal posters who immediately respond when someone writes a 3 word post with no intelligence to it. No one gives a shit if you post or not. Really. Here's an example of some forum I went through titled "Talk about your morning." It went something like this:

Dumbass 1: "I woke up this morning"
Dumbass 2: "I'm bored"
Dumbass 3: "Stick to the topic you douchebag!"
Dumbass 4: "I should be working but I'm taking a break. I woke up late and didn't have time to shower so I smell like shit. Did that ever happen to anyone?"
Dumbass 5: "Damn it, they deleted my post!"
Dumbass 6: "LmaoROFL! That happened to me last year. Goddamn America!"
Moderator: "You're all banned."
Forum server: "Pwned you mother fuckers!"
Dumbass 1-6: "Fuck, now we have to find something to do with our life. Let's make our own forum".

And the legacy continues. Now if every website has shit like this on it, I hate the internet. DrakeGTA doesn't have to bitch anymore about not being able to pick up high speed internet, maybe he's better off not encountering this semen at a quicker speed. He's not missing much. It used to be that only COOL websites had forums. Like MaddoxMania, UnrealTournament, NuclearBlast, Metal websites, etc. Now every dickwad from McDonalds opens his own forums. We know your life sucks, get over it.

The very least people could do is stick to the topic. Like I'm in the "Shooting Blanks" forum and people are talking about the superbowl. Here's a suggestion. WWW.AIM.COM. Get a clue bitch.

GenitalGrinder1 gmail.com

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