The JEWISH feminist agenda

Maybe it's just me, but the girls from the Brooklyn area SUCK. And it ain't cock. There's some kind of secret underground competition going on about who can put out less in more time. Here's some of the various types of girls we have living here, along with their shitty philosophies, beliefs, and dress styles.

Girl type number one is the kind who grew up in a religious home, and somehow stayed religious. She hasn't seen the light of day, or a bra in her entire life. She never needed one anyway. Her parents take pleasure in the piece of crap they pampered, and eventually find some sort of species to marry their failure. These walking atrocities are every guys ball cruncher. They steal oxygen from our lungs that they don't deserve. Maybe I'm being mean, but hey, don't fuck with my air unless you put out.

Girl type number two is the kind who grew up in a religious home, but doesn't "agree" with her parents way of life. It starts with the skirts getting shorter and the long black boots getting longer. Personally, I think it's ridiculous to walk around in 100 degree weather with long black leather boots, but not everyone agrees with me on that. She talks on her cell phone, meets boys behind dumpsters so her school won't find out, "chills" at the movies with her friends, and listens to girly music so she won't be rejected by her non religious friends. Then when she finishes high school, she runs off to Israel for a year so she can have a year of independence hanging out on street corners when officially she's supposed to be in seminary. Rebellious? Nah. Life sucks when you gotta fake your way through it.

Girl type number three is my favorite, but I get condemned for it because this girl type has no self-respect. Who cares? You might actually get some from this type. This is the one whose parents aren't religious except for some holidays and Yom Kippur. She has no real religious guidance except for the couple of stuff she's learned at her co-ed school about religion while she was giving someone head. Besides for those few holidays that you might catch her praying something, she's pretty much no different than the common non-jewish girl. They're usually pretty easy too. You just gotta mock religious people in front of them a few times to get the lubrication in her cooch. Then you're good to go.

Type number four is the funniest. And the most common. This girl grew up in a religious home, but pretty much at age 12 said she's had enough. Before puberty, she's wearing tight denim and tank tops. During puberty, it gets tighter. Then they go all out. 70 boyfriends and 250 fuck buddies later, and they still haven't gotten AIDS. So they keep trying. After they've mooched up every gooch in town, they leave the county for foreign cock. Then they hit 30 and realize they don't want to become a slut, so they put their skirt back on. Yeah, I think that's a good idea too. Your family hates you, you've been a slut for 15 years, and putting a skirt on is going to reverse all that. I'll see you at Hooters.


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