Not everything we say implies you're a slut, bitch.

I know it's been quiet for a while. I don't think anyone cares either. With that out of the way, I can say what's been eating my mind for a while. We all know that girls hate being called sluts. But sluts get the most attention out of the male gender because they love you for who you are, and they dress the way we want. I don't find it degrading in any way if a girl walks past me with no clothes on. It's props for her and respect from me. Yet every girl on the planet fears with the sweat from her vagina that she might actually acquire this respect. Instead they'd rather nag the whole day, deflate their tits, flush their tampons, and wither away any sign of attraction from their frail bodies, rather than make us happy. All because they don't want the title HO.

Typical conversations between the genders usually sound like this.

Guy: Let's go to the movies today. You shopped like hell yesterday for your stupid shit and now I want to enjoy the peace and quiet I get when we're at the movies because you don't have to talk. Hey, your hair looks nice.

Feminist: I'm not a slut!

Guy: I don't see where action films where people get their faces fucked off with machine guns and canons connect with prostitution. Unless you're taking my compliment on your hair as a sign that I want to rip your panties off and beat off with your tits. Next time, I'll be sure to tell you how shitty your hair looks and how I fucking want to kill you for not putting out. Where's that "slut" friend of yours that you always go shopping with that always goes home with half the cashiers at Macy's? Her hair was looking good yesterday.

Seriously, shit like this happens everyday. You can't even ask her what time is it or if she wants something to drink without her yelling those dreaded words from hell "I'm not a slut!". Let's say you're not a slut, ok. What have you shown me? We already know that info because you don't put out any. That cuddling by the TV and cheek kisses on valentines day don't count for shit. And if you did put out, it was because we forced you.

Then there's the really funny cases. Girls who walk around with their melons popping out of their canister and pants that can make permanent skin marks. Her handbag is dangling from her shoulder and her shoes are 2 feet high. Every little thing you can possibly say to her will result with the not a slut slogan. Wait, so the girl behind the Dunkin Donuts counter with 30 pimples and 3 layers of clothing is? Get your facts straight. You're a fucking slut. You dress and act like one. Just face your destiny and drop your pants for me.


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