The real reason rapists exist.

I don't give a shit about updating this shitty site anymore. I don't think you do either. For the two people who are bound to stumble upon my sleezy update, I appreciate your boredom. As I've said countless of times, the women from Brooklyn, NY don't get horny. They come from a special planet called "Hormoneless" where they feed upon the weakness of men and gain vitality everytime we get a boner and don't get anything out of it. This is why all the hangouts become dick festivals because everyone is frantically searching for a place to put their piece and it usually ends up being another guys ass. For those cautious of their sexual preference, they have no choice but to stay home locked in their basement with no cell phone service hoping their 2 dimensional magazine girlfriend will one day become real.

To date, this is probably the 10th article I've written saying the same exact thing worded differently but since no one will notice except me, I can happily continue and say I updated this dumb site when I really didn't at all.

Rapists exist when girls don't put out. When we finally get frustrated after years of emptying our wallets and standing around with our thumb up our asses waiting for girls to get the message that we are tired of hearing about her new clothes and just want to get under them, we rape. It's quite simple. The equation is very easy even for the failing math student.

Years of aggravation + No Money + Not shutting the fuck up= Penetrated Vagina.

Rape is to be considered one of the most serious offenses, for whatever reason. This is man's punishment for being man. We get away with not having periods and getting paid more for the same job, and best of all; avoiding pregnancy. Then when it's time to pick up some pussy that we get reminded of all our life advantages. Is it that much to ask a girl to give you the perhaps smelliest part of her body for about 20 minutes?

So let's analyze the typical rapist. 1) He's horny 2) He wasted all his money on a date that got him nowhere. 3) He didn't jerk off in a while 4) She's hot 5) He's ready. 6) She's not. If you look closely enough, a rapist is no different than your average man. The difference? The rapist has balls. He just says to himself "To hell with this, she's just going to be with someone else tomorrow night and if he's lucky enough, he will be pounding my failure". So he proceeds to do what the next guy is bound to do, pound. These men carry an important message for all of us and that is, if you don't give we will take. Then he goes to jail for being a masculine hero. Fuck.


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