On My Quest For Head

I've been evaluating all the important things in my life and if I had to choose which one is of most importance, I'd say being on the receiving end of a delectable lube enhanced blowjay. I like when the girl eats it like a starving kitten who has been staring at that sealed can of tuna for a whole week but no one opened it for her. I have a heart, so I tell her it's all hers and she can abuse it any way she wants and even lick the remains. There are women out there that feel this is a degrading relationship, but I don't see how getting your nutrition can be done in a more rewarding manner.

The problem is finding the mouth that will contain your package for these long stretches of time. It has to be a good mouth, a wet mouth, a hungry mouth. She has to be starving for cock. Her hands have to be holding it in place so that way she won't miss even a drop. This girl once asked me to give her a tap when I felt I was going to finish. I miscalculated and it landed on her face. I apologized but she just put on her underwear and left. She even forgot her wallet. I called her to return her stuff but she never answered. I'm not sure what to do with these credit cards and a driver's license with a girls face on it. I'll think of something.

One of the best places to find the other half of your penis is a college campus. There are so many bitches walking around, most of which are not even taking classes. They wait in the hallway for their boyfriend to be finished class so they can grab a quickie before the next class. Remember, they're not whores as long as the guy is her boyfriend and she only has one boyfriend at a time. The time frame that she swtiches between boyfriends can be anywhere between a week and 10 minutes. I didn't make up these rules but whoever did really thought this through because it's accepted in society as credible. There's also lots of girls in the computer labs because they have free internet there and they like to go on their social networking sites through someone elses connection. It's a lot of fun walking around eyeing all the screen names from the room and then messaging them asking for head. I just want head, comeon don't be such a baby. It's not like you have work tomorrow.

I really want head. I've lost complete verbal control and it's come to the point where during common hours when all these models walk by me I just yell things like "please fuck me" and "why are you so damn hot", or even "YOU'RE NOT HOT OK STOP TRYING YOU'RE UGLY." The guys that hear that start laughing because I must be drunk if I can say that because everyone else is kissing their ass and carrying their briefcase just to get a wink of recognition. I'm this close to having campus security throw me away. But it's not my fault, so I hope they have special handcuffs for penises. But if you lose your erection you can easily slip out of them. It seems like all the guys on campus have lots of control over themself because I'm the only one who walks around trying to get head. This girl once felt bad after saying no and I started crying on the front steps. She put her arm around me and said that the right girl is out there for me. I looked up and showed her the whole campus which I had already asked but they all said the same thing. I'm not asking you to do something you haven't done. It's mine or the Italian guy standing next to me. You can have his tomorrow.

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