Well I do. I hate those damn AOL CDs. I can't mitzvah stand them. They piss me off. Imagine if you had extremely important work on your computer and some friend comes over to your house with a CD that has a virus on it, and he starts bragging about how he can put it into any computer and immediately mitzvah it up. You'd be like "Get that shiz out of my house!" Well, AOL is that virus. It screws up your computer upon being installed, and with each use, harvests its way into all of your file, making sure that your computer will be running at low-notch speed. The only way to rid your computer of this problem is to back up all your documents on floppy disks or such, and reformat your harddrive. If someone installed AOL on my computer, I'd seriously consider reinstalling Windows. Here is a little mathematical equation I've come up with to help explain what AOL does to your average computer:

AMD AthlonXP 3200+ w/ 1.00GB RAM + AOL 9.0 ==> Intel Celeron 400Mhz w/ 32MB RAM + AOL 9.0.

Now if you know a little bit of chemistry (even high-school base level is suffice), you will see that AOL 9.0 is a "catalyst" in the chemical reaction that turns your good computer into a crappy one.

In addition to all that, you are now below the minimum system requirements for running Windows XP (wonder why your computer is running so slow?). But do be sure, your AOL will be running at top-notch speed. Congratulations, you've just purchased a $1000 dollar AOL machine!

So I hate those AOL CDs. They make me sick when I see them and I can't sleep at night if they're in my house. There's always that fear that some smartass dude [who refers to you as his friend] might come over to your house and try to get online and, not seeing the internet button, (because it isn't prominently displayed in the center of your desktop, size huge, with a big arrow pointing at it saying "CLICK HERE TO GET ONLINE" or "PORN ACCESS HERE"), might say something in the line of "oh this computer sucks, there's no internet", and proceed to put that damned AOL CD into your drive, and screw up your computer. I hate those people...

 oh, and... There's this website you may want to check out. After mentioning this article to Psycho, he recommended that I give you this link, so here is: