The Jewish "nod of approval": Do it again and get the shit kicked out of you.


         Are you ever walking down the street listening to your music, or just wearing a T-shirt, or even just NOT wearing a hat and jacket, and some rabbi (or some dude with a beard, who can tell the difference) crosses you as he is walking the other way, and gives you this stupid nod? Maybe this only happens to us guys, not girls, but anyway, I'm sure you can all relate to what I'm saying now. Most of us just keep on walking and forget it happened a second later. But I don't, and neither should you. Why the hell is he giving you that stare? Is he saying "Hello there fellow Jew"? Cause if he is, "NO %$@!" you're a Jew, you're wearing a mother)(@@ yarmulka, here's a cookie for figuring that one out. Or maybe he's implying something about your frumkeit. I'm always afraid of that one. In fact, I walk around prepared, unlike some of you other stupid rebellious teens out there. If someone stops me, they'll be sorry cause I'm prepared to stand up for myself. In fact, if I'm in the mood, I might even decide to turn THEM not frum, (but only of course, if I'm in the mood). They should have a new TV show. They should have a guy like me walking around trying to get strangers (Jews, of course) to become not religious, just by talking to me, and I should get more points for getting it done in less time. They should call it "30 seconds to not frum", and I should be the star... Well anyway, I was thinking that maybe this staring thing is even worse. Maybe the guy thinks he actually KNOWS you. Which brings me onto another topic: Why is it that all Jews think they know each other. Why can't I walk down the damn street without having a million Jewish guys/gals around my age, look at me, start to wave, and then realize that they don't know me? Why is it that they assume they know you, unless otherwise implied? How about LEAVE ME THE &@%^ ALONE IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME, AND IF YOU DO KNOW ME, STILL LEAVE ME THE &@%^ ALONE. I got music to listen to which is probably more important than you. No, it IS. Let me just tell you that I think this whole waving thing is kind of dangerous, cause one day you might wave at some crazy dude who might just lash out at you and try to rip out your eyeballs. Who knows, that crazy dude might even be me.