What the hell is "Gut Gebencht Yur" supposed to mean?

It "pisses me off" when people say things without actually knowing what it means. People just go around saying "Gut Gebencht Yur" like it's some national slogan, or some important passuk in the Torah. Goddammit, it's not even Hebrew. It's Yiddish, the language of the yoilees, and we all go around saying it, loudly and proudly. It means CRAP. You know why? Because we don't speak Yiddish today. Saying "Gut Gebencht Yur" to someone is just like telling them in Russian to have a good year, yet this we all do, and don't laugh about it. Maybe in Boro Park you can still say it, but not in the rest of the world. You are just as well off saying "Have a good and blessed year" (yes, that's right, in English!), in fact maybe you're even better off saying that because it has some meaning to you, being that it's actually in your language. So, next time some dude comes over to you and tries to pull that "Gut Gebencht Yur" crap on you, go ahead and give him a piece of your mind. Stare at him blankly until he asks you why, and then respond back to him "Kish Michen Tuchis". Lets see exactly how good his Yiddish speaking / understanding skills are (chances are he won't know what it means, which only proves to you what a dumbass he is for using these two words when he in fact doesn't even speak the language at all, and can't even understand a simple expression in that language, "kiss my ass".