Try being "mekarev" someone who actually gives a shit.

I don't get these tards. They see a guy who'se walking around Washington Square park, baked off his ass, with his hands down some chicks' pants, and they think for a second that just because they look jewish, they're interested in putting on tefilin. Really damn stupid if you asked me. He either put on tefilin this morning, or didn't, but you coming over with your ugly scragly beard, bent over hat, torn shirt, and smelly breath is not gonna change that decision of whether or not he wants to put on tefilin, will it? Well actually, yes, it will. Tomorrow maybe he won't put on tefilin. These people repulse me. Did you know that they also stop nonjews all the time and ask them if they want to put on tefilin? It seems that because their having trouble getting jews to convert to their "worshipping the dead" religion, they've now started to recruit nonjews.

I've concluded that if they actually wanted to "help jews out", they'd open up places where jews can go, sit down, and listen to their bullshit. NOT jump in front of their path as they're chasing down a hot broad, offering them to put on tefilin. But they know they're full of crap. They know that if they actually created seminars to attend, no one would go. So instead they hijack you as you're chasing down a hot broad, and offer you their tefilin, hoping that you'll make the "right decision". Hell, if you ask me, the hot girl seems a lot more appealing than a pair of tefilin (even if it's Madonna's pair), so go ahead, MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION !!!