One good reason to piss on "Hachnasat Kallah".

Before I get started, I'd like to clarify that only one good reason to piss on Hachnasat Kallah should be enough. Good. I've clarified that. Now onto why I hate Hachnasat Kallah so much. Hachnasat Kallah is stupid. It's one of the saddest forms of charity available. Charity is "giving to the poor". That doesn't mean "helping out the homeless dude, giving him money every day so he can buy his bottle of wine and piss the rest of it down the drain". It means helping someone out of their hole. If you know that the guy is just going to come back to you tomorrow for more money, there's no reason to give him money. In fact, you're promoting this unhealthy behavior by giving him money. I like giving friends money. So that they can make an investment and come back to me a little later with my money. I don't give people money so that they can piss it down the drain and ask for more the next day. And that is exactly what you are doing by giving money for Hachnasat Kallah. You're saying "here's money for the wedding. Get married. Fuck all you want. Have a million kids. It's on me." And if that isn't a fucked up mentality, I don't know what is.

So that's why the next time someone asks you for Hachnasat Kallah you're just gonna ball them in the nuts. Right? Right.