Don't give me this "I know Psycho" crap.

I get the feeling that a lot of the members on this site would like to say that they "know" psycho, the originator, creator, and moderator of this realm / website. I understand that it must be a great feeling to be able to say "I know Psycho" but unfortunately, to a lot of you, this is nothing more than a bunch of words. Saying that you "know" someone means a lot, much more than that idiot guy who "nods" at me every morning (because I'm a Jew) thinks so. (So "idiot", if you've stumbled on this article, I think you're in the right place. You can read this one, as well as the one about stupid people who nod at me just because I'm Jewish.)

To help you better understand whether or not you fit into the "I know Psycho" category, I've constructed this list of common fallacies:

  • If you say "I know Psycho", then you don't know him. People who know him call him by his real name. And if you don't know what his real name is, I'm not going to tell you.

  • If you only heard of him post-October 13th 2002, then you don't know him.

  • If you use "I know psycho" as a pickup line, you don't know him.

  • If you actually bought a stupid t-shirt from this website, you don't know him.

  • Even if you know all of Psycho's 4 screennames, you still don't know him. He actually has five.

  • If you showed up on time to the wedding, you don't know him. His real hardcore friends didn't show at all.

  • If you know what his favorite drink is, you don't know him. You know what his favorite drink is. And no, it's not piss (but it looks a hell of a lot like it).

  • If you have Psycho's number, that doesn't mean you know him. That means you want to know him.

  • If you spell it "Mavash", and you don't know her last name (any of these satisfies), you don't know him.

  • If you've never gotten drunk with Psycho, you don't know him.

  • If you, you don't know Psycho.


Don't get me wrong. I don't "know" Psycho either. I used to know him, but I don't anymore. Not after he made the decision to get wed, and I vowed to not know him anymore. I now no longer know him, just like the rest of you. But at least I got the balls to admit it.