Attention Jewish Women: Sell your souls so your husbands can learn in Kolel:

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am absolutely PISSED OFF with the system. What's up with guys thinking they can sit in front of a gemora for the rest of their lives without having to face life? In the old days, rabbis would be rabbis, but they also understood that they had to earn the dough. If they couldn't make enough money selling torah, they learned less and worked more. And today these creeps think they're gonna take away OUR tax money so that they can learn Torah all day. This is (excuse the language), MAVESH! Don't get me wrong, I respect those who learn Torah, but just don't do it on my ass. I don't need that kind of help. Me supporting your learning is only a small step up from me supporting that homeless guy so that he can buy his bag of crack. Now if you're a woman and wish your husband to learn Torah for the rest of his life, I respect that greatly, in fact, I almost worship you. To take a vow of celibacy upon yourself just so that you can remain a hard worker to support your learning husband for the rest of your life --- is a great thing. But when you start popping them out, that is completely uncalled for, in fact, that is LIE. You did say that you were going to support your husband when you married him, why are you backing out? It's the torah or the baby -- your choice. You can't have both. I don't wanna pay for your husband's habit, as well as your stupid baby, and for you - because you can't work anymore because you have to stay home and baby-sit. That's just unfair. If you want to play like that, move out. Go to Mexico and try pulling that crap there. We'll see how far it gets you. Putting yourself in a situation where the only thing you can do is hook after the baby falls asleep falls fine with my tax problem, but unfortunately not with the torah. The sad thing is that most of you out there would probably choose to hook just so that you can tell your friends that your husband is in Kolel. Well, it's your hell, not mine.

Talk about screwed up priorities...