- almost as much BS as The Jewish Press.

   It's very funny how is dedicated to "only simchas". Going through the website, you see tons of smiling brides and grooms, babies, and family members. "Chaim gave birth to twins ---- MAZEL TOV!!!!!" What the site fails to mention is that Chaim is only 17, and married for 4 months, and that he actually didn't want to marry his wife Lea, but was only given that choice, or the shotgun. There goes all 4 mazel tov's (engagement, wedding, birth, and bris), down the toilet. also fails to mention which engagements are broken. You have to find that out yourself. Or the failed marriages. None of this is ever mentioned on the site. Just a bunch of smiling brides and babies. Basically, a bunch of bullshit.

   I want to open a web site called "5 years after", where the truth of these "simchas" are actually brought out. Which "smiling grooms" turn out to be abusive husbands, or drinkers, and which "beautiful little angels" (babies) later end up to be on America's Most Wanted. It's funny, isn't it, but only shows a bunch of smiling faces, and none of the truth.

   How about On that site can be posted all the people who die at young ages due to sicknesses and diseases. It can cover their life stories, how they fought their cancer for over a year, etc. It can have long and detailed eulogies of the people, and you can read them and actually learn to respect them for their actual accomplishments, and not just their cars. You know what? I think it's a damn good idea. But I have this strange premonition that it won't attract the same ditzes who check back at every 5 minutes -- will it?

   The real problem is that we support this bullshit. We ask for it. We click on the advertisements on, pushing them to keep spewing the crap -- as if it is keeping us entertained. Well maybe it is keeping some of you entertained, but surely not me. If you really want to stand up against and their lies, there are a few suggestions I have:

  • E-Mail one of the webmasters, and give him/her a piece of your mind.

  • BLOCK Touro College computers from accessing

  • If you know how to, reconfigure the domain name, to redirect you to an animal porn site.

  • When someone goes and posts your own "simcha" on, email the webmaster and have it removed, reason: You don't support bullshit.

  • Shine the light in the face of others.