I don't get terrorists...


Terrorists are so hard to understand. They kill themselves (along with others) just so that they can pop 70 virgins. It really doesn't make sense!

  • TRUST ME ON THIS: Popping a virgin is a scary thing. I can't understand why someone would wanna do it even once in their lifetime. (Personally, I can understand why someone might wanna do it just once, to make sure that nothing in their wife has been tampered with, kind of like the protective seal on a yogurt...), but why would someone want to do it again? Everyone knows that the first time is about the least enjoyable time of them all...(excluding the time you try it when you're 65 just to prove to yourself that you still can....only to find out that you in fact, cannot...)

  • If they want chicks, why don't they just shave off their fur, take a shower, put on some deodorant, and go to a nightclub? It really isn't rocket science. I even know an ugly kid who went to a club when he was like 18 and he put that night to an end, in bed with two lesbos...

  • If they play their cards right, they can get a lot more than 70 virgins... Or better yet, non-virgins!

  • What's the fun in popping a virgin if God gives you permission?

  • Oh, and do they actually believe that shit? I mean, c'mon, those virgins are up there in heaven, and this is right here, right now! Who's to say what their actually getting up there? Maybe everything they're being told is a lie and when they get up there, they're actually gonna get shoved up Hitler's ass? I say, take ass when you can get it.


If you ask me, I think their lives are so miserable that they have no choice but to believe this shit.
Oh, and you're welcome (for stating the obvious).