Yiichus is bullshit.


For those of you who don't know, "Yiichus" is the belief that any person with respectable ancestors has to be an respectable person. I don't buy that shit, do you? For example, I know this rabbi who happens to have a piece of shit for a son... Should I respect the kid just because his father is a rabbi? HELL NO!

"Yiichus" is the big thing today. When I try to hook a friend up, the first thing they always ask me is "does the girl have "yiichus"? " They never ask me "Is the girl a whore?" or "Does she sell her vagina for money?" I don't ever get that...

And take me for example, my parents are really nice people, and well, I'm a total jackass (for those of you who know me, hehehe).

So, in 135 words and 3 paragraphs, blow me.