We all know the words.


Some people really suck. Okay, let me explain. Everyone sucks but get a hold of this. The other week I was in shul (don't know why I went, it was obvious that someone there was going to piss me off and make me sorry for going), but I went anyway, and sure enough, someone was there to annoy the hell out of me.

During "Kiddush L'vanah" some retard started announcing the brachos out loud, as if, had he not blared it out, no one would believe he said it. So I turned around and patted him on the shoulder and said "We all know the words". This seemed to have a slight awareness effect on the specimen as it started walking away. To be exact, the guy walked about eight feet, parked himself, and resumed to announce the brachos out loud as if nothing happened.

What an idiot. I decided I wasn't going to let this happen, so I followed him and patted him again on the shoulder. This time I said "Unless you're around the block, your annoying voice is still going to be confusing my davening". This time I got a "nu" in response.

So I said "eat shit" and left.

It's a good thing I was davening in a new neighborhood and not my own. Now I just have to avoid that shul, and not my own. Anyway, the guy's a retard, so why would I want to daven in his shul anyway?

The point of this story is that guys in shuls are retards. You should just do yourself a favor and daven at home.