"Yiddish" is disgusting.


     I think I might have said this before, but it just came back to me while I was sitting down at my kitchen table a couple of minutes before "Yom Tov" eating my sandwich, trying not to think of anything Jewish, and I overhear my dad on the phone with my grandfather saying "A frayliche yom tov" to him - or something like that -- I don't remember the exact words. And I was just like "uch." "This is so disgusting." Why the hell are we preserving the language of people who we won't even buy their cars ???? (I don't believe in that crap, I'm just saying that those who do, like my dad, at least shouldn't speak their ugly language; their cars are a lot nicer than their language, why would someone speak their language and not drive their cars??? WTF?) On another note, I believe that the only reason these idiots won't buy their cars is because they can't afford it...you know, like the people who are anti-abortion because they never got a girl pregnant when they weren't able to afford it..) But that's all off-topic. I'm here to discuss the ugliness of the "Yiddish" language.

     Besides for sounding disgusting on the tongue, which it does, Yiddish is also ancient. Nobody speaks it anymore --except for a few stupid people who are trying to preserve the old language for some unknown reason. Why preserve it? Am I preserving my old 80286 computer? No! It's sitting in my closet, with the bashed in screen, and it's only there because I'm too lazy to lift it up and drop it out of the window right in front of my house to be picked up by the garbage engineers. I don't get why we have to turn our lives upside down trying to memorize an obsolete language just because some Rabbi's came over from Europe and were too lazy to adapt to our American culture. Here's an idea. Let them learn English while I play video games, and when they're ready, they can teach me some Torah --in my language. Until then, I've got some high scores I'm trying to beat...