Go back to where you came from.


     It just pisses the living hell out of me when these cocksuckers come to MY country, that's right, MY country, and sit around terrorizing the streets. The other day I was walking down the street and some cockface Arab sack of shit tried to rip off my MP3 player. Needless to say, he didn't get it, but I'm still pissed off. Then, about a week later I was walking down the same street, and the same shitheads (him and a bunch of his friends) were sitting on the same stoop of the same stupid apartment building, and he cursed at me while I walked by. I'm beginning to think that this poor soul has nothing better to do with his life than sit on his apartment building stoop all day and curse at little Jews who walk by, but anyway, he should still die a slow and miserable death..

     Now I'm not a racist. Let me clarify that before I go on any further. I completely support people coming from other countries and getting their own part of the American dream; but if their part of the American dream is them sitting on their apartment building stoop terrorizing anyone who walks by, then maybe they do need to die a slow and horrible death. I've been in contact with people of all nationalities, even Arabs, and some of them have proven to be very nice and decent people, and I do not have any problem with them; in fact, I respect many of them severely. But if you're going to come from your third-world country and bring your third-world fucking bullshit ideals to America, then maybe we need to get rid of you the same way your country gets rid of Jews.

     Again, to those of you who come to America wishing to improve your lives as well as add on to America's success, my deepest respect to you. To all you terrorists, and other sacks of shit who have nothing to offer but your disgusting selves and your fucked up third-world ideals, fuck you, suck my fucking dick. Go back to where you came from.

     It really pisses me off when people come to our country to mooch off our goods and then in return, try to drag us down to their level. We give them a world of opportunity, our kindest welcomes, and all they want to do is fuck us over. Really, this is what America is getting for being nice. We're getting buttfucked in the ass.

     And the hell of it is that they probably left their countries because they were too pussy to withstand it over there. They probably came home crying every day because somebody took a shit in their mouth, or because their pet camel got molested by a bully at school. And then they come here and we're nice to them, and all they want to do is curse at the kid who's paying for their fucking welfare check, which they don't even deserve. It pisses me off. It really does.

     The U.S. has got to start working on it's laws because if you can get ticketed for riding a bike on a sidewalk, you sure as hell should be getting lynched for terrorizing everyone who walks by your apartment house. Or at least lose your welfare check..