T-shirts that can stick it.

     Some T-shirts really piss me off. Like the other day I was walking around school and noticed that this chick was wearing one that said "Can you afford me?".
     What kind of shit is that? First girls are inferior and have to ask to go to the bathroom. Then we decide to have some pity and let them just go. Then we let them vote. Next thing you know they're asking us if we can "afford their bitchy attitudes". What ever happened to the good old days? Girls used to be happy with what they got. Guys had like 300 wives and they all ran around trying to kill each other so that there would be less of them, and maybe that way they'd get to screw their husband once a year, instead of once every year and a half. That's what we need. Sexually deprived women. It seems that you quit depriving them of sex and then they want money too. Damn, its like every woman has a second job; being a prostitute.

     Then the other day I ran into this black chick who was wearing a t-shirt that said "LOL" on it. That's right. Nothing else. Now most of you are probably thinking, "what the fuck is that?" So for those of you who are fortunate enough not to know, it stands for "laughing out loud", something that webcam whores like to say every couple of seconds to make you think their laughing at your clearly bold (not meant to be funny) statements.
     And now they're wearing it on their t-shirts. When will this madness end? Not only that but it's also being worn by girls who are clearly not internet cam whores, because no matter how high you turn up the contrast on that webcam, black still don't become white.
     I remember when being called a "cam whore" was an insult. Now its become totally cool with guys to have girls show off their tits on a webcam and then not put any out. Not only has it become cool, but it's apparently also become the latest fashion; otherwise, why the fuck would regular chicks be posing themselves as cam whore teasers? What kind of sick world do we live in where it's become popular to only "show off" and not actually put any out? It's time to start locking them up in harems again...
     And every now and then some "crazy" guy gets pissed off at one of those bitches and finds out her address, drives down to her house, rapes her fifty times and then beats her to death. And we wonder why. Well, I don't. I think we should have more of those "crazy" people around to set some internet sluts straight. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, they're doing us a public service and we should appreciate it...


     And what the hell's up with "mushy" and "slushy" by chick's asses. Next time I see that shit, I'm testing it out, just to make sure it really is what they say it is.