Don't you hate those "back from Israel" faggots?

     They're all fruitpies. I see them leave the states, a man, and come back a fudgepacking peice of loving gayness. What the hell ever happened with anger? They used to be pissed off. Then they come back after a year of "bettering themselves" in Israel and they're all into the love, and they sing happy songs all day, and wear their tzitzis out, and actually give a damn about what's going on in Israel (little note: I care too, I just don't meddle in business where anyway, nobody gives a shit about our opinions).

     Speaking of which, what the hell's the point to wearing those gay ass bracelets anyway. Did anyone think for one second that the Jews weren't going to be kicked out of "Gush Katif" because they were wearing a stupid faggety bracelet on their wrist? I didn't. And wow, big surprise. Our love and happiness and singing songs and wearing stupid orange bracelets didn't stop them from kicking everyone out of Gush Katif and mowing down their houses. I'm sorry, next time try harder, maybe throw some grenades or something.
     Let me tell you something. Being nice has never worked. Look at Israel; every time they're nice and give up land, they just end up getting more terrorist attacks and giving up more land. This is so gay. Even me, any time I'm nice to friends they just ask me for more favors, and then, when they ask me for something and I tell them to "fuck off", they don't call me back for like two weeks, and then the phone rings and they're like "Dude, wanna hang out?". The lesson? Stop being nice. It doesn't work.

     Anyways, these faggets are so gay. I've lost like ten friends to Israel. As I see it, Israel is an angry monster who likes to take away my friends and turn them into stupid gay fruitpies. What could Israel have with me anyway? And the shit of it is that I don't get it because when I went to Israel there was so much frikkin clubbing and drinking and unprotected sex going on, I really don't see where all the gayness and orange bracelet wearing is coming from.

     The other week one of my friends came back from Israel and I actually haven't spoken to him in months, but anyway, I gave him a ring and I was like "dude, lets go rob a liquor store, for old time's sake", and he was like "No. I've changed."
     What the hell? Changed??? Don't rob liquor stores anymore?? For the hell of it I went over to his place to chat him up cause I haven't seen him for so long and was curious how exactly he "changed", but damn, he was wearing his tzitzis out with a stupid button-down shirt, and he was talking about God the whole time, and how he wanted to get married to bring more souls down to this world.... Yuck. None of it really made any sense. Israel is turning all my friends into weird psychopaths. Everyone sucks. I rule.