Watching Schindler's list on Tisha B'av is a load of bullshit.

I'm sure being a religious Jew and all, you've commonly heard the statement, "uh, I just rented Schindlers List", or "I'm going to rent Schindler's List tomorrow" in association with it being Tisha B'av. It's usually said by this ugly fat kid in shul with a whiny voice who never knows when it's time to shut the fuck up..

You know what I have to say? What the fuck? Does it say somewhere in the bible that on "Tisha B'av" yee shalt renteth Schindler's List? Maybe there's a new version out, but I don't see it in my copy.

Maybe it's that people feel the need to torture themselves because it's a shitty day as it is. Our temple was destroyed, we got kicked out of our city, beaten the shit out of, raped, yeah, whatever. And let's not forget that, to remember this great day we have to sit on the floor all day, spend 4 hours in shul, not do anything recreational, and not eat anything; but that isn't enough. Let's also watch a movie about a bunch of Jews getting fucked up, to help set the moment in. If that doesn't give you a hard-on, I don't know what does.

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I've got enough shit going through my head right now; I think I'll pass on the Schindler's List.