Looks like it's time for me to drop out of Yeshiva again.

What's up with this total bullcrap of all yeshivas trying to be the most religious? What ever happened to those yeshivas for screw-ups; the one's with rabbis who were able to relate to us on OUR level? It seems that now nobody cares about that. They just want to have more rules, longer hours, and be more annoying to their students than ANY OTHER YESHIVA IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

What absolutely eats away at my testicles are those Yeshivas that open up to be different than the others; the ones that are there to cater towards people who do other things with their life, like work, or go to school...and then, three years later, they turn their back on the very people they opened up their yeshiva for in the first place. It becomes time to "change". Why? What was wrong with what they had before? I don't know. They bug their guys to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to be in yeshiva for minyan, or they bug them when they need to leave 20 minutes early on Tuesdays to go to a college class which they couldn't possibly schedule at any other time. Isn't this yeshiva designed to work around college schedules? Weren't you offering to be different than those buggy rebbeim and annoying yeshivas, last year when you picked me off the street and asked me kindly if I wanted to learn some Gemora, no strings attached?

It was nice back then, in the days right after I joined the yeshiva. The rabbi's were cool with me. They let me show up when I wanted and were only happy to see me. But now they've fell into the hands of doom, like the rabbis from my grade school, who only gave me pain and torture if I wasn't able to concentrate one day, or threatened to kick me out of school if I took a small job on the side..

Oh well.. I guess I'll just have to go snort that cocaine I was storing away in my drawer because my rabbi's are no longer able to communicate with me.