The Hidden Last Inch!


...And I actually thought for a second that people wanted to ENJOY LIFE???

So today, I'm just walking home minding my own business when I see this 'Yeshivish' looking guy (gigantic yarmulka) with headphones in his ears, standing there in his front lawn. And I'm thinking to myself, "Thank god for music. This person can actually shut out all the crap of this world for a just couple of seconds and listen to some good music." You should know, it gives me great pleasure to see others listening to music and enjoying it. It's something that I really appreciate myself, and am glad when other people can share that enjoyment too (so you see, I am not a selfish person). But then something came hold of me. It felt like as if someone just hammered a nail into my chest. As I dreadfully began to notice, the headphones did not actually lead to a high-tech MP3 player, or even a lousy CD or cassette player. It instead led to this little object that he was holding in his hand. A Nokia. I felt like running over to the guy and ripping the stupid piece of crap out of his hand, throwing it on the floor and stomping on it. But I knew that he just wouldn't understand. He wouldn't realize that it was an act of kindness that I was doing, and would instead see it as a threat to his enjoyment, or his Nokia, whatever the crap. Some people are just irredeemable, (like Shop Rite coupons), right?
    And it is many people who have this problem. Most of them go their entire life without even noticing it. This is because it has become acceptable in our society for people to always be talking on their cell phones. I used to be able to strike up interesting conversations with strangers in subway stations, but now it seems that these people would rather have two friends with cell phones, than ten without. Yes, this is what these people do. They rack up their phone bills and pay $300 a month, and if they're stuck paying anything less, they hide their bill from their friends, lest their friends should look down on them for not having used up enough minutes that month. This is the world we live in. People prefer hearing their friends bitch about how they got ripped off at the supermarket on paper towels, to some classic Black Sabbath. The headphones used to plug into something else, my friends. People used to be able to get high and kill a couple of hours. Now their friends are calling them during their smoke-up sessions to go see a movie. That's right, they're cutting your important therapy session short for some stupid movie, probably one that's not even worth downloading anyway. You people take this stuff for granted, but you should realize that getting interrupted while your toking is almost as bad as having your parents walk in on you while you're getting lucky with a girl. Or guy. Whichever way you people float. AND YET, you people happily pick up the phone, put down your joint, and go see that dumb movie.
    I'm not gonna tell you people how to live. I will tell you though, that it's sometimes good to accidentally step on your phone battery, and take your time getting a new one. It's also sometimes good to turn your phone off (and yes, miss all those important calls) for some time spent with yourself, only yourself, AWAY from all those evil people, those who belong to that great big conspiracy, specially designed to make YOUR life miserable. (I do hope that you all know that your friends are not actually your friends, but they are really your enemies with secret identities, making you think that they're you're friends, while really.........)

Is it "Rebellious Teens" or is it "Raging Hormones"?

Well I've got an answer for you. Remember a coupla months ago there were these two "chassidishe" girls who 'disappeared' and were found a week later in Arizona, wearing low-cut jeans and such? Well, apparently, teens are BOTH rebellious, AND have raging hormones. And what did they do? They returned the girls to their parents, so that they'll hate their parents, and being chassidish, even more, and our Jewish congressman covered things up so no one should know, or ask any questions, because it would ruin the girls' reputations for when they try to get a shidduch. Well here's my input: I think it's important that whoever they go out with or more especially, who they marry, SHOULD know about what they did, because it will help them better understand them. Don't you agree? And maybe they're anyways not looking for a stupid shidduch date. Maybe they don't even wanna marry someone Jewish. Or get married at all. Who's to say? And it's gonna ruin their rep and not get them dates? I'd be more than glad to date a girl who's got balls to do that. Wouldn't you?