These pathetic Jews are starting to piss me off.

Iím starting to wonder why every single time a child walks past me on the street; its mother immediately grabs onto its hand and directs it away from me. Itís really starting to creep me out.

Enough with that crap, Iím sick of these damn pathetic Jews and next time I see one Iím going to blow him over Ė you know the type: Theyíre always extremely tall, have orange hair, have a small but pathetic amount of peach-fuzz on their face, scrawny, and small glasses, which usually look like they were recently ran over by a car. They're making the rest of us Jews look like wimps. I want to kick their asses, and thatís before they even open their mouths and talk with their pathetic voices. Everything they say sounds like a moan, which would be good, except that it isnít coming from a chick which youíre fucking.

Sometimes I wonder how these people get married; granted, they date with shidduchim, which spares them the embarrassment of trying to pick up a chick, but who would say yes to a second date, let alone marriage? Are these guys even able to satisfy their wivesí needs? I bet they arenít. I bet while they are fucking them they start talking about yeshiva and gemora and hishtadlus (by the way I donít even know what that word means, I just hear it a lot from those kinds of guys), the girl comes, and itís all good. Good thing she doesnít know any better.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that it pisses me off that we let these people live, get married, reproduce, and make more pathetic versions of themselves. Itís supposed to be about survival of the fittest and we are breaking these rules by giving these people dates. We should give these people dates the way you sell a house to a black guy in a white neighborhood (not like Iím agreeing with that, but get my point).

You all know at least one of these people in your lives. Itís getting way out of hand and something must be done. Next time you see one, challenge them to a fight, if they donít take you up on it, punch them in face. If they continue to back off (they probably will, they are pathetic), knee them in the groin. If you get a really good shot, and you get to it in time (before they manage to taint our universe with more of them), you can let the guy go because you already know his genes are done for.

Iím not Eric Cartmen, but this is bullshit! We are letting our universe get taken over by weak and pathetic beings. The worst part is that they are having babies faster than you can blink. Whatís going to happen if thereís a war? These guys are all going to hide in their basements and jerk off on their gemora while we have to go out and fight; and if theyíre not hiding out during a war, theyíll just be living off of welfare checks and food stamps which will be coming out of our hard earned money. You know this kind of fate is inevitable when you let these pathetic people make babies. Stop them before itís too late.