Since when do Yeshivos need to advertise that they aren't assholes?

Go and look for a yeshiva these days... one of their biggest selling points is that they are "open and accepting of all types". Really? That's funny, I thought the reason Yeshivos were originally instituted was to NOT be open and accepting of all types. Now they want to go and change that? Seriously... they need to stop calling these places Yeshivos. Let them call it a "Jewish community center of love and acceptance" and at least I'd know what I'm dealing with. Then I can just keep my kid at home and lecture him about how to hate everyone who doesn't dress like him, use the same brand of deodorant, and watch the same TV shows. Oh wait, TV is assur. So this was still troubling me when I bumped into a friend from Yeshiva who mentioned that he hadn't seen me there in a while.

"Yeah, I've been busy" I replied.

"Oh, well, you know, we miss you...". "I'M NOT JUDGING" he was sure to clarify. Well, "why would you?" I was thinking. Clearly, if someone says that they miss me, I shouldn't decide to think that they're judging me, right? Also, just in case I did come up with that idea, he was sure to clarify that he wasn't..

So anyway I was pretty sure that he wasn't judging me. The truth is that I know the guy and he really wasn't, and the truth is also that at that moment, maybe I could've used some judgement. I'd been slacking off lately and not going to Yeshiva. And every now and then you need to be able to tell someone "seriously, what's your deal with Yeshiva?" without being afraid that the guy is gonna run home crying and light a sefer torah on fire. Sure- I didn't have to join the Yeshiva, but I did... now I should be showing up. I bet if I decided to join a hockey league and then didn't show up for three weeks, they'd probably say something..

In case you're too stupid to figure it out, I'll just go ahead and point out that this contradicts some of my older stuff.... Well, things change. Deal with it.