back to the respectable rants...


On this page are all the really crappy ranters who didn't make it. I thought it would be funny to have a page of just total crap that people could read if they were really bored, and in the mood of laughing at some sorry ass who got kicked off my site. So here it is, total and complete CRAP!

Some of these people actually stayed in the main section for quite some time, and I made fun of them day and night and told them how much their ranting sucked, until they called me up one day begging for me to remove them from my site (this happened more than once) for fear of total embarrassment. But now I decided that once the rants were sent to me, they are my property and I can do whatever the hell I want with them. And what I want to do with them is post them up under the "crappy rants" section on my site...

So here they are. If you are seriously looking for something to do; beat all your computer games, are out of movies, and have sores on your hands, then read these:



Chaos (profile)



Man, you really are bored.