What has a virus ever done to YOU?

I know everyone goes all crazy about having the latest and most updated virus protection on their computer and they don't even bother wearing a condom -- talk about screwed up priorities. Anyway, I don't have virus protection installed on my machine because I've decided that it's totally pointless. Here's some points I've gathered:

Seriously, when's the last time a virus ever did anything serious to your computer? Sure, you hear about these alleged people who "had their entire hard drive formatted by a virus", but do you actually know anyone who this happened to? I don't. Also, the way viruses work today, they float around on the internet and eventually make their way into your computer - which brings me to my next point:

So I say, screw Anti-Virus. Nothing ever happened to me. Except for that one virus that deleted all my JPG files and renamed all my MP3s to .something else --nothing that some renaming and undeleting couldn't fix; besides, I'd be damned if an antivirus program would actually keep that virus out. Then there was the other one which didn't let me open up any .EXE files. Running an AntiVirus "got rid of the virus" but I still wasn't able to open up any .EXE files until I went into the Registry and fixed the damn thing myself -- so what do I need antivirus for?

The only loss that viruses cause us is the time spent being afraid that we're going to get a virus. I remember that one time that I thought I had a virus which fried my BIOS ROM and then I ended up cracking the socket on my motherboard trying to switch out ROM chips -- and I ended up having to buy myself a new motherboard. If I wasn't so afraid of viruses at the time, and convinced that "I had one", none of that would have ever happened.

Anyway, save yourself the time and hassle, and uninstall your antivirus software. And if you're a real virus nut, then at least go with AVG. It's free, by the way.